Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alhamdulillah syukran Ya Allah!~

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah!
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah!
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

malam pengiktirafan ijazah sarjana muda perubatan

last night i had a dinner of my batch..
a final year dinner..
also known as ....

this poster was made by my sayang..
he is very creative in editing posters or pictures..
he has the talent..
good job sayang!
owh the theme had changed to freestyle and costume!

i hope u guys can bare with me..
this is a very long entry, i suppose..
after uploading i just realized that this entry gonna have lots of pictures!
49 pictures okay!
so less talking i guess..
i just entered a caption for each picture..

and the journey begin 1 day earlier..
where i went to downtown just to make a henna!

this is henna or 'inai'..
this design cost me rm8.. :)

the outcome!
love it!

then, the next day i need to go there earlier since i am one of the MT's..
we need to do some rehearsal there..
OMG!the hall was so adorable..
i feel like i'm in a colourfullllllllllll aquarium!

the lobby..

Empire Hotel, Subang

why i say colourful?

because u have to look at this..










adorable isn't it?
i just can't get rid my eyes from seeing this fabulous hall!
*like this fabulous blog? :P*

okay enough about colours!
let see the menu...

the soto was so delicious!
i want more!!!!!

okay enough about menu..
now let's proceed..
i will bring you all to a fantasy world..
a world full of joy and laughter..

but before that,

drink first!
as i said it's a long entry..
so need a back up energy.. :P

first, i'll show my picture la kan..
this is my blog what...
hehehe :P

am i innocent enough in this picture?

after my picture of course la picture of my sayang kan??
this is his girlfriend's blog what... :P

me and my sayang~

okay2 just joking~
so now i'll be showing you my other colleagues...

sethu the peter pan, tinesh the ali baba, lovie the princess, and muholan the popeye the sailor man preeet preeet!

ayu zeity the what we call this??
like a spanish dancer.. :)

masyi the angel :)

aina the baju kembang2 and fiza the cowboy..

wilna the Pocahontas..

steevie just escaped from jail!
OMG scary~

same with this guy, wailong..
also escaped from a psychiatric ward..
both of them were so creative and sporting..
*tabik spring*

koh ging the dracula...
luckily he didn't sucks anybodies blood that night.. :P

our future bride and groom..
nisah and fadhli in their China dynasty attire..

super duper charming kanit and dzul in their Egyptian costume..
like 99x!

with hani the princess Aurora :)

yi chuan the CAVEMAN!
very the sporting gentleman..
*tabik spring also*

group photo~

another blood sucker that night..
ken the vampire..
at first i thought edward cullen came to our dinner :P..

with osya the what?? :P

with azizah in her arabian costume...comelssssss!~

future bride pija in her pinkish princess costume!
arghhh jealous!
teheeee :P

again lovenia the princess... :)

me with the new UKM's Faculty of Medicine's dean!
Prof Dato' Dr Raymond Azman Ali...

with pretty Xi Yar.. :)

with gorgeous Nadia.. :)

with sweety Hui Fang~ :)

with pretty syaz.. :)

with beautiful+gorgeous Jean...
i'm wearing 3' wedges still cannot be taller than her.. T_T

me with the Malaysian's next top model participants.. :P
Fairol is our MUA...hehe..joking Fairol..don't be mad.. :)

again with my hero!

huda in her kimono..

okay people...
that's a lot isn't it?
so it's time to say bye bye to the dinner...

on my way to the elevator..
i spotted some nice place to snap2!
so enjoy some more pictures okay..

odd but just love the corner..

owh this time i feel like a princesssssssss.. :P

seriously at first i'm afraid to get closer to this red creature..

okay...that's all...
i had a very great time yesterday..
it was the best dinner that i ever had for the past five years..
congratulations to all MT's and Exco's..
we have done a great job..

till we meet again someday..
pursuing our studies..
who knows..

my simple dressing for the dinner..
Dress from dress2u - Time Square
Shawl - Time Square
Clutch - SMJ Boutique
Wedges - Princess