Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lappy da sembuh!

Assalamualaikum & Hi

nak tulis blog!

maybe some of u my readers might know why i'm not updating my entry.
my lappy broke down.
which was because..
my nephew [ daniel la sape lagi ] pour a bottle of griss-like oil onto my keyboard..
dun ask me where-why-who-what-how he get that thing!
bacause i also dun know -.-

see at the back of my keybaord..
the black staining areas..
cuircuit shock!!!
so all the alphabets on that area cannot be used anymore :(

but now my lappy da sehat :) yeay!!!
but it takes rm400 to get well!
poor me.
but nvm..
i know it's my fault for leaving my lappy wif a kid age 2!
but it's not as simple as that..
his sister age 8 months old..
she took out some of the alphabets on the keyboard..
dun know how she did that..
i can fixed some of them..
but not the L alphabet..

this one my niece punye keje..
see the L alphabet is missing..

i tot of buying a new flexible external keyboard can s0lve the problem..

of course i'm buying the pink colour one!
nice huh??

but it was not!
i went again to low yat the next day..
they i need to change the i-dun-know-what-cip on the motherboard..
and all that [ new keyboard+
i-dun-know-what-cip ] takes rm400!!

but then thnx to my hubby for helping me paid half of the amount..
so guys..
moral of the story is..
nener ever leave your lappy wif a kid age 2 years-old and 8 months-old..
thats all for now..
i want to meet my old friend after this..
miss her so much..

my lappy yg da sembuh :)))))



sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

thats why la kot xsuke org main brg sy..hihihi

sbb takot bnda ni terjd..tnpa lappy sape la sy ;)

farhanaerman said...

tuh la..
belajar dr pengalaman.. -.-

Leeya Hezlin said...

bgus2..dh elok pn lappy ko..
lps ni post entry byk2 k..
thanx jmp ak smlm..srnk2..

farhanaerman said...

:) sronok jgk!
pakwe ko tu lawak :P

RON7 said...

laptop itu bagaikan nyawa..sgt sunyi hidup kalau die rosak..hehe

Leeya Hezlin said...

die mmg gitu..
pnt weyh melayan prngai die..
kihkihkih.. :)

farhanaerman said...

ron : yup!u're rite..

tengku : hehe..penat xpe..asalkan bahagia!~

Leeya Hezlin said...

bf ko pn ok what..

Yuni Aisyah said...

pasnie jge leklok jgn kasi rosak..=)ou

farhanaerman said...

tengku : :)

cik yuni : of course!

Mr Rulez said...

besalar 2..budak2 kocik yg comey2..hehe

okey gak lappy..aku kena gitar..terus tak leyh men..sabar jela..huhu

farhanaerman said...

mr rulez : padan muke sy la tgglkan laptop ngan bdk2..
sygnye gitar da xleh maen..meh pnjam gitar sy :)

nas said...

perghh...sumer f...hehehhee...nanta ak lak wat sumer N...:P

farhanaerman said...

haha..buat g tag sy pon buat sume N..

Anonymous said...

wut!!??no u gonna type LOL

farhanaerman said...

hahahaha instead of LoL!~