Sunday, January 16, 2011

memorable birthday ^_^

it's a long time since last i am updating my blog..
being in the last semester for the final year is so tough for me..
but nevermind..
i still can cope with it..
InsyaAllah :)

okay now i want to share with u all regarding my birthday celebration..
haritu da janji nak update kan.. :)
so let's begin >>>>>>>


{ with my beloved Januarian / Capricorn buddies }

as my birthday was on Monday and on that time i was in Teluk Intan..
so my dear friends organized a birthday party for us on 2nd of January..
'us' because there were 5 of us..
nad (31st dec), ummu (1st jan), hani and soleha (2nd jan), and me (10th jan)..
a bit early for me..
but sape kesah kan? :)

the only cake for this year's birthday!
epa is me :)

me with the cake..
only me because i am the only girl wearing hijab on that day (-_-)

thank you friends for the cake..
eventhough i'm not really like blueberry flavour but i appreciated it..
love u all~

(special thanks to Temm, Tiher, Aisyah Ayu, Ah)


{ Genting Highland! here we come! }

me upon reaching Genting's cable car parking..

my dressing was not really appropriate for the event..
you know why?
because this was a
surprise from my sayang..
but it's okay and it's alright..
i still can functioning well with this dress (and heels, maybe) .. :P

lining up untuk naek cable car..
excited faced!

while in the cable car..
mula mula cuak but then can cope a bit..
see the not-so-confidence-face.. :P

yeay da sampai ^_^
what a relieved :P

after having lunch at pizza hut..
we headed to outdoor zone..
so cold but so nice :)

terase macam dekat oversea :P

then we headed back to indoor zone..
i can't stand the cold..
so main indoor je la..

first - bumper car!
my all time favourite fun fair games!

lining up again..

i managed to get pink bumper car!
nak jugak pink kan..

second - we enjoyed the thrilled roller coaster..

best wooo~

third - ferris wheel..

gambar bajet cover album la kan :P

suke suke suke ^_^

fourth - haunted house..
yang ni best giler..
really enjoy it..

fifth - snow time..

at the entrance..

this sweater doesn't helped at all (-_-)

with the panda :)
lovely scenery behind there..

with the bear..
nice isn't it?

lepas tu penat giler..
yela org tak pernah jumpe salji..
buat snow man la..main baling2 salji la..
so childish kan?
but then i'm so happy :)

love this pic!

on the way to cable car..

the scenery from our cable car..
cantik giler kan?
i was having this awesome scenery for almost 20 minutes!

nak pergi lagi!!
insyaAllah i will come back here bringing along my family..

okay that's all for part 2..
no no no..
not finish yet..
it's only part 2 okay..
let's move on to part 3...
ceh mengade bajet rancangan tv ke hape kan :P


{ Dinner @ fullHouse }

Fullhouse near KLCC..
cannot remember the name of the place..
jalan ape tah namenye..

we managed to get the most romantic place for our dinner..
hehe (gedik) T_T

birthday present from him..
wondering what's inside it..

a card and a gift box..

terharu with the special card he made on his own..
tq again sayang..

i aksed him where he got all my pictures..
he said 'ade la....'
i know you are my stalker :P

pink iPod shuffle also from him..
serius suke gile dapat mende nih..
rase nak lompat2..
because my old mp4 da rosak lame dah..
now i got a replacement of that..
iPod shuffle lagi tau.. :P


so the rest you just enjoy the pictures okay..
da tak larat nak type anymore..

the restaurant was so adorable..
i give 10 stars for the super duper creative decorations and ideas..


{ with my beloved housemates Osya and Hani }

nak dijadikan cerita..
last week me, osya, and hani were posted to teluk intan..
so they plan to celebrate my birthday there la since all of us were there..

since teluk intan doesn't have so much interesting place to go..
(besides menara condong)
so we've plan to go to Secret Recipe instead of Pizza Hut or McD or KFC..
tq korang sudi belanje i.. :P

doesn't know what to eat!

biasalah perempuan..

hani sampai mengantuk dengar cerita saya yang tak sudah2..
anyway, tq hen sudi dengar :P

cannot stop talking...

when the meal was served, then finally i stop talking..

my stuffs!
i love PINK so much

so that's all for now..
tq again for all the wishes...
really appreciated it..
love u girls and guys yang wished me..
may all of us be blessed..
ameeeen! :)



ruud said...

pehhh!! bestnye gi genting..nak ikot..heheh..

Leeya Hezlin said...

wah..bestnye..byk giler part smbut birthday ko..
ske tgk yg kt genting and fullhouse tu..
n fullhouse tu mmg interesting place kn??ehehe..
btw,diz year ak xdpt smbut burfday ngn en bf sbb ak dh kt sad..dh la burfday die sm ngn ko..
sori syg,ak xdpt nk bg ko pe2..
just hope our friendship have never ending..
happy for you dear.. :)

sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

bertuah kamoo syg :)

nub said...

x mntak banyak, nak kek pon jadi laa..haha

dayah SnoW Heuka said...

wahh!! besnye... jalan2 huk3x g genting lark tuh.. btw happy belated besday keyh :D

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saharinasaharudin said...

wahh..bestnye dpt plak tu..comel sgt!
hepi belated befday!