Thursday, May 5, 2011

malacca trip!

Assalamualaikum! are you guys?
i hope all of us are in the pink of health..

it's been a long time since last i am updating my entry isn't it?
it's a bit chaotic over here..
last week i've been in KL for 4 days attending friend's wedding..
for that i'll do another entry because it's too long to be compress in this entry..

today i'll story about my trip to malacca last week..
my bestfriends osya and hani came over to my house and had a 3 days and 2 nights vacation here.. :)
so i thought i need to bring my 'guest' somewhere so that there will not having a boring vacation by just watching TV or playing with my cats, lulu and wawa..
there we go..
MALACCA, here we come!

owh before that we also invited nad and ayu to come along with us..
since they are malaccarian, so it's best to have them as our tourist guide!
and luckily they bring along their malacca friend, zuera..
zuera seems pretty familiar where to bring us to..
if depends on nad and ayu, i wonder where they will bring us :P

having lunch at Dataran Pahlawan..
as always for girls~~gossiping~~ :P

alhamdulillah the weather that day was so nice!

first we went to this Declaration of Independence Memorial or in Malay we call it Memorial Pengisytiharan Kemerdekaan..

my third time visits here~


say cheeseeeee friendssss! :)

look alike isn't it?
but i used mineral bottle instead of keris.. :P

believed me that i'm not really reading all those stuffs in there..
for me history is the most hated subject during school last time.. T_T

but believed in me that i enjoyed taking pictures!

see! :P

then we went to A famosa..
since it's just next to the building we went above, it's nice for us to have a visit here :P

take a break! was so tiring climbing up stairs..

at last we reached there..

me and zuera with her new fan :)

next we went to Malacca Sultanate Palaca which is now a museum..

hani and me :)

all of us :)

even though it's written there "do not enter" but who cares? :P

heee :)
osya, are u dancing or what??

"Ampun Tuanku!"

the dayang-dayang :P

the gundik-gundik :P

re-action the battle of hang tuah and hang jebat..

after all this was the funniest photo.. :P

free pose everyone~

bye museum...

time to go back home T_T

bye Malacca!
see u next time!!!~

okay short update!
last week there were a rombongan merisik from amir's family..
insyaAllah the engagement will be held soon..
praying that everything will gonna be fine..ameeen!

the rombongan~

the ring..
(this picture was taken right after we bought the ring..
that's why the price tag still there :P)

ok people..
will update soon..



cikida said...

wahhh,,bestnyee jenjalan...da lme x pegi melaka..=)

caliph shuriken said...

fokus kt mineral bottle tu, hikk...

latest en3: fast five

Leeya Hezlin said...

bestnye jalan2..hehe..
kawan ko ni belum balik lagi..
xdapek nak jalan-jalan.. T_T

waa,dah nak tunang..
congrates besties..^_^

p/s : ko tunang nanti buat la time aku di semenanjung ye..hieee..nak gak tengok kawan baik aku ni..

aimi najibah^^ said...

sgtt photogenic la awk nih!suke!!mmg tol pon the fabulous farhana ryte..hihikk..nice to know more bout u pinky! :))

nelly said...

bestnya ^^