Wednesday, December 22, 2010

trauma moulage

(bak kata maria elena "kalau tak jawab dosa..kalau jawab sayang...")

adakah korang korang semua pernah menghadapi situasi where you are in the middle of a disaster..
either being a victim, medical personnel, fire fighter, police or even the victim's relative..
if your answer is yes, definitely you know how it feels..

for us, the future doctors (especially form UKM), we are trained to cope with such situation..
thus, our emergency medicine posting teach us on how to react when we encounter a major disaster in the future..

now let me tell you guys what we did today..
we had a very busy task this morning where we have to make-up a disaster scene(macam berlakon la ni..)
we have divided ourselves into victims, medical personnel and relatives..
oh almost people also have tau..tv3 and astro awani lagi..gempak kan..haha!

and unfortunately, me myself be one of the victims..
and double unfortunately, i be the victim with basal skull fracture..
if you don't know what it means you can google it and you can see yourself how patients with basal skull fracture looks like.. T____T

and the incident was "hari keluarga PPUKM tiba-tiba meletup" ooheeeeeemgeeee

ok this is the kakak kakak and the MA selaku our make-up artist today..
very talented okay..

and our first victim ready to be make-up..

the sucking chest wound..this is not ulcerative breast cancer tau!
unfortunately he died.. T__T
(berlakon sahaja!)

and this is me before putting on make-up.. :)


while make-up in progress....

and the result.......

it's me again after 15 minutes of make-up..
i MMS this picture to my cik abang and you know what he replied me??

"eeeeee...tak sanggup tengok muke awak camni...."

what!!kata terima seadanya..hihihi~

then i asked him to come to our moulage and he refused as he has to see my face T________T
joking sayang..i know you are in the middle of something..never mind :)

2 beautiful girls zi teng and sze wern..see even they make such faces, they still look cute..urghhhh jeles! :P

this is Masyitah..she acted as a burn victim..later i'll show you the looks REAL okay!

this is Gipang..pity him because he has to tear off his tract suit..owh he had femur know femur fracture can cause ones loss up to 2L of blood ?

this is Boy..also as a major burn victim..

this is while on the scene..

i did not captured much photos during the 'disaster' itself because from the script (ceeeewah) i have to be unconscious with Glasgow Coma Scale of 10/15..poor me T__T

more pictures during the scene and in the hospital is on FB i think..
or my friend's blog..

few more pictures...

okay that's all..
this trauma moulage really help me (and my friends too) to cope with a major incident or disaster or what ever you want to call it as it needs extra resources and personnel..

while i being the patient, and upon arriving to the ED, my friends who became the doctors and paramedics really know how to cope with me (basically patient with basal skull fracture, i mean)
they checked my airway (where the secure my neck by using a cervical collar)
(errrr..but the collar is a bit weird on me..don't know why..)
they checked my breathing (where they put me on face mask and give me oxygen)
they checked my pulse and insert 1 large bore branula (why 1 eh, not 2??)

the doctors (Chin Kimg, Temm and Hoi Li), when they first saw me, they know the diagnosis already and they immediately send me to OT for evacuation after i being stabilized..

great job friends!!

hopefully this moulage can help us to be a better and excellent doctors in the future in managing trauma patients!

bye friends!!



Cik Tqah said...

wa.. seramnye.. kalo real mesti i takot kan.. meremang je.. blaja rajen2..nnt ley ubat org :)

Leeya Hezlin said...

waa..mcm real jek la..
btw,semoga m'jd seorg doktor yg best..

farhanaerman said...

cik tqah : scary kan...hahaha..iA akan study rerajin..doakan saya berjaya yer :)

tengku : tq dear :)

MiszMaryaNe said...

perghh, cam real je sume,
pndai tkg mekap tu,huhuhu

farhanaerman said...

maryane : aah..tukang mekap bersama 3 tahun pengalaman :)

aNnE said...

hehe macam best pulak buat benda ni.:)

farhanaerman said...

anne : best2! :)

Imzainieyzulkipli said...

manyak tol minyak wangi!

farhanaerman said...

er komen salah entry la awak..heee~

fyda razak said...

cool. it look so so real :)

orkedhana said...

seronok! ;)
mcm main doktor2 paling real. hehe

farhanaerman said...

fida : i think so :)

hana : aah..macam kecik2 dulu maen doktor2 :)